Primetac BOPP 420 Carton Sealing Tape - 2" x 110 yd, Clear

Item # PT-420-2110C-RL

  • Total Thickness: 2.1 mils; Tensile Strength (lb/1"): 23
  • Adhesion to Steel (oz/1"): >26
  • Elongation Percent at Break: 160%
2" x 110 yd, Clear, RL
Manufacturer #420-2110C
  • Description

Our water based acrylic carton sealing tape line is made with a special high-shear adhesive, developed specifically for Primetac in 2005 to meet our rigorous specifications. Higher shear values mean greater holding power on boxes. Our 400 series acrylic tapes conform to FDA requirements for indirect food packaging (CFR, Title 21, Subpart B, 175.105). These products can make ideal cold temperature, refrigerator, and freezer tapes.